Young carers events

Current Events with us

January 2021


We now have RESET for our 12-17 year olds held once every 6 weeks.

We now have YCASC for our 5-11 year olds.


Previous Events 2020

  • Lego Fun Sessions from  15th Sept-20th Oct
  • Arts & Craft Sessions from 3rd Nov-8th Dec
  • Temporary Listening Service for Young Carers and Parents/Guardians or Young Carers. Ends 01.10.2020
  • Temporary Listening Service/emotional Support for registered Young Carers over 12 years old. Ends 01.10.2020
  • Photography competition ‘LIFE AS WE KNOW IT’
  • Summer Fun Gift/Activity Packs for registered Young Carers under 11 year olds
  • Summer Mental Wellbeing Activity packs for registered Young Carers 12-16 years
  • Summer Program for under 11s weekly Forest School
  • Summer Program for over 12 year olds, Kayaking
  • Lockdown Competition for all YC
  • Sport Challenges on  Closed Facebook
  • Art Sharing on Closed Facebook
  • Craft videos on Closed Facebook
  • Gift/Activity Packs delivered to all registered Young Carers for Carers Week
  • Trust Links ‘Blooming Well’ Family boxes Donated to Young Carers posted on Facebook