Young carers

For all enquiries regarding Young Carers, please contact

Samantha Lee
Young Carers Support Co-ordinator
Tel: 01702 393933

To register a Young Carer, please use our online form or if you prefer you can print the registration form Young Carers Registration Form Nov 2018 GDPR – if you do not have printer, please call us and we will pop one in the post for you.

What is a Young Carer?

It is estimated that there are approximately 177,000 identified Young Carers in the UK. It is believed that the actual number is far higher.

A Young Carer is a child or young person under the age of 18, who provides some level of unpaid care to another family member. And they can sometimes be as young as 5 years old.

Young Carers are children and young people under 18, whose lives are restricted in some way because of the need for them to give care to another person (usually a family member) who is either ill, has a disability, is experiencing mental ill health, is affected by alcohol or drug misuse, or has a condition such as HIV/AIDS.

The difference between young carers and other young people who help in the home is that young carers are often responsible for someone else in their family – in a way that most other young people aren’t.

What Young Carers could be doing?

  • Domestic tasks washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning
  • General care, giving medicine, assisting with mobility
  • Intimate care washing, bathing
  • Childcare – looking after brothers and sisters
  • Emotional support listening, helping other family members to feel OK

What’s the effect?

  • Feeling “different” and isolated from their friends / peer group
  • Lack of time for homework, play, sport or leisure activities
  • Feeling that no-one understands or listens
  • Conflict between their needs and those of the person for whom they are caring, leading to possible feelings of resentment
  • Health problems including headaches, stress related illnesses, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety
  • Underachievement at school

What support do we offer Young Carers?


Thanks to a recent successful funding bid, the People’s Health Trust has enabled us to develop a new support programme for Young Carers called “Better Lives.” Better Lives was launched in March 2018 and currently offers the following forms of support, but as a new programme, more activities will be launched over the coming months. Watch this space !

Monthly Fun Activity

This is a weekend event at the end of each month where Young Carers get a chance to get out and about doing all kinds of fun stuff that kids like to do, in all kinds of places where kids like to go!

Click here to book – It’s pantomime time for our Young Carers on 2nd January – Aladdin with Ashley Banjo & Diversity on Wednesday 2 January 2019

Weekly After School Club

The weekly after school club changes each term to allow us to put on a wide range of activities at different local venues to suit all tastes and ages.

Click here to book– Announcing our first Young Carers Club of 2019 – Tai Chi Fun aged 5-11 years – every Tuesday from 14th January until 18th February

Watch this space for more information arriving soon…

Are you an enthusiastic and ambitious Young Carer aged 13-18 years??  As part of our brand new Youth Forum, you will be meeting once a month over pizza…