Information for Schools

Developing stronger Support for Young Carers at School

If you are the Young Carer School Lead or any school staff member who is supporting a young carer/wants to support young carers in your school then please contact the Young Carers Support Coordinator via email at or call on 01702 393 933.

The Young Carer Support Coordinator is excited to be improving school relations between families, schools, other services and Southend Young Carers Service to ensure young carers have the opportunities they deserve.

Working together with schools will help support Young Carers access their education and reduce the demand of their caring responsibilities. This is a valuable approach for all school staff and school communities committed to protecting and enhancing the welfare and education of all the school pupils they educate and care for.

Please contact the Young Carers Support Coordinator if:

  • If you want to introduce yourself as the Young Carer Lead of your school
  • If you are a school staff member who wants to learn more about how we can work together with your school
  • If you are unsure if a pupil could be a young carer
  • If you have information you would like to share about school legislation on supporting a young carers
  • If you want to share what support you are currently providing for young carer
  • If you have information about a young carers either concerns, updates, achievements, or seeking advice on how to support an individual you are finding difficult to reach.
  • If you would like us to email you with updates on the activities we are providing and any services appropriate for young carers.

Registering to join Southend Carers – Southend Young Carers

The Young Carers Lead or SENCO can register a young carer with the parents/guardian consent or help a parent/guardian register by completing an on line form registration here.

What you can do right now to help support Young Carers

Put a message on your social media and website about young carers and to get in contact with the school to have a confidential talk about how you can support the family to help the young carer in school.

You can put our website link on your social media pages to help Young Carers and their families know how to contact us and what support we can offer them outside of school or in partnership with the school.

You can download some leaflets hear (Link to download of leaflet needs to)  to put in your school office or to hand out to families when you need to.

Other Young Carers Support Services in Southend Borough

Southend Borough Council Young Carers Service

Southend Carers e-handbook – If you would like to learn more about young carers, useful website, carers rights and the responsibilities of the local authority and schools for supporting young carers then please visit the Carers e-handbook.