Adult carers

To register as a Carer, please visit our registration page.

If you are an adult over 18, you could be one of the 1 in 8 adults currently providing unpaid care and support to an elderly, disabled or seriously ill family member or friend.

Many carers understandably see their relationship with the person they care for as a partner, sibling, parent, child, friend, neighbour not as a carer. Caring for someone is seen as just part of everyday life.

It is important however that carers are identified and that they receive support when they need it.

Caring for someone can put a strain on your own health and wellbeing regardless of how many hours care you provide or whether you are giving emotional, practical or physical help. Southend Carers are here to offer support to any carers that live or have a cared for that lives in the Southend Borough

The services we provide are free to carers;

  • Advice, information and guidance including help to fill out forms and empowering you by explaining the choices available.
  • Emotional support and counselling safe, confidential and comfortable setting for carers to talk about their feelings and concerns.
  • Crisis avoidance our dedicated team can find short term solutions such as equipment or help to organise a support network.
  • Contingency planning to help a carer plan for the unexpected so their loved one is cared for even if they are taken ill, involved in an accident or otherwise unable to resume their caring role.
  • End of Life support – High quality emotional support.
  • Caring safely support – Regular events focusing on the practical side of caring from accident prevention to fraud awareness.
  • Support and social groups there are groups for all carers from age 5 – 105 including Family Carers for parents of children with additional needs and their siblings offering family holidays, social events and day trips.