Telephone Support Service

This service started in September 2019 offering emotional support on a regular basis over the phone and checks in with vulnerable carers giving them a chance to talk through their concerns and issues around their caring role and how it impacts them.

We call carers during the day and some evenings.  Primarily this service is for isolated carers or those who cannot leave their loved ones to come into the building to access our services.  This may include:

  • Carers looking after more than one person
  • Carers looking after someone with a mental health condition
  • Carers over 80
  • Carers who are unwell themselves (physically / mentally)
  • Carers who look after someone with Alzheimer’s /Dementia
  • Employed Carers
  • Former carers up to a year after their cared for has died
  • Parent Carers

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