Southend Carers Hub have received some fabulous comments over the last few months – here are a few…

“Thank you for the PPE parcel you sent me. The thermometer, wipes, bags, gloves and masks are all good. I couldn’t order any of these online. What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much.”
Adult Carers, Support during lockdown – 09/04/2021

A teacher on receiving information about support for young carers and adult carers: “Thank you ever so much for sharing this information with me. I really appreciate it. I will definitely look into some of this guidance. Many thanks.”
Young Carers, Advice – 12/04/2021

“It’s good to have someone to talk to alleviate isolation.
Counselling, Telephone Support – 13/04/2021

“Mentoring with Southend Carers has provided me with some highly useful insight and guidance in how to guide the conversation with the client in a therapeutic way.”
Student Placements, Mentoring – 14/04/2021

On being referred for Counselling, and being sent Money Matters information: “That’s great thanks for all your help.”
Adult Carers, Advice – 14/04/2021

“Thank you. It’s been really nice. You’ve thought of things I hadn’t thought of.”
Adult Carers, Advice – 16/04/2021

“These breaks are absolutely wonderful. Without these breaks I don’t know what I’d do.”
Adult Carers, Sitting Service – 21/04/2021

“Thank you for helping me again. You’re always a star.”
Adult Carers, Advice – 27/04/2021

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for the wonderful support and service you provide and if it wasn’t for you, I am not sure I would have completed my diploma.”
Student Placements, Mentoring – 04/05/2021

“Thank you for sticking with me. Thanks very much. Bless you.”
Adult Carers, Advice – 07/05/2021

“I am able to address things as an adult whereas before I always had doubts reacting to negative now, and am able to be proud of my achievements. I have taken a risk work wise, and fulfilled a dream from long ago. I can give up on people who are like lead weights. I feel I can now tackle anything. Every woman should have a Sally in their lives.”
One to One Counselling – 18/05/2021

“Thank you. You’ve been a great help.”
Adult Carers, Carers Assessment Call – 28/05/2021

“The work that you’re doing is very, very good.”
Respite, Sitting Service – 02/06/2021

On being called back to confirm changes with respite bookings: “You’re quite a lifeline for me.”
Respite, Sitting Service – 08/06/2021

Comment by social worker on us booking more respite for a carer: “I know you’re my reassurance.”
Adult Carers, Sitting Service – 08/06/2021

After discussing carer’s first respite booking: “Thank you for calling, I really appreciate it.”
Respite, Sitting Service – 09/06/2021

“You’re a lifesaver.”
Respite, Sitting Service – 10/06/2021

Feedback from carer’s first respite: “It was so good. Mum really liked Sarah [SPDNS carer. They had a lovely time.”
Respite, Sitting Service – 11/06/2021

“You’re so lovely. You’re so helpful”.
Adult Carers, Advice – 11/06/2021

On commencing End of Life Respite: “Dear Richard-Thank you for setting this up for me. I had my first respite yesterday. Very much appreciated. “Thank you for the breaks you gave my mother. It made a real difference to her.”
Respite, Sitting Service – 16/06/2021

Carer whose cared for has started receiving palliative care:“Thank you for calling me. It’s really worthwhile. I needed to talk to somebody.”
Older Carers, Advice – 17/06/2021

“Thank you so much for not giving up on contacting me. I very much appreciate your being in touch. It was lovely to hear from Hayley as well. Thank you so much for your support.”
Adult Carers, Advice – 18/06/2021

“It’s good to hear from someone asking how you are.”
Counselling, Telephone Support – 22/06/2021