Young Carers be heard

Young Carers Voice

If you want to help a young carer or you are a young carer who wants to get their voice heard then contact the Young Carers Support Coordinator.

You can Text on 07378 148 491,  email at or call on 01702 393 933

Louise is always ready to listen to your ideas about groups, activities, schools, what you need, your views on making a change and your aspirations for your future, the things you find difficult or just to have a chat with.

Young Carers can also visit the Southend Carers Young Carers public Instagram account here (link to be put in here) to share with other Young Carers and others:

  • how you are
  • what information would be good for you
  • what support you need from others
  • share your true story
  • your achievements
  • what you do when you are not sleeping
  • your wishes
  • any information about being a young carer and your life living in a family who has additional care needs.
  • to see updates on Young Carers Services and other support

Young Carers let the world know you are here!

Being a Young Carers is nothing to be embarrassed about because any family member can become sick therefore becoming a Young Carer can happen to anyone at any time. There are still a lot of Young Carers who are struggling alone because they are unsure of how to get help, too exhausted to even care about themselves, do not know what a Young Carer is. Sometimes they are embarrassed about being a Young Carer or their parents are embarrassed the child needs to be a carer.

No one wants to be judged for the way they live their lives especially when it is out of their control. Let’s make a change and take controls to be proud of who you are and get the help you deserve to be able to live your life free from stigma and struggle.

Let’s be brave and let the world know young carers are not invisible, you matter, you want the same opportunities as everyone else and you want people to understand how difficult it can be sometimes for the person you care for and for you caring for them.

Let’s stop hiding and become included.

Young Carers you are not alone…

There are estimated 1 in 5 Young Carers in the Uk so you are not alone and there are people who want to help you.

To help get your voice heard it would be good to create a blog about the life of a carer normally or the life of a carer while in isolation due to Covid19 and email them to Louise at

It would be great to let the world know what a young carer is, what your daily life is like, what support from friends, family, school and agencies have offered. Plus any worries you may have or difficulties you face as a young carer.

You can add tips for other young carers on keeping calm, keeping active, self-care and managing your care responsibilities.

You can let everyone know about your individual interests, your hopes, dreams, achievements, who your inspirational people are and a whole lot more.

Be imaginative, be you and be brave…

If you are not ready to share your blogs or videos publicly, still email them to Louise but put a big message telling me not to share them or they can be shared anonymously.

You Choose…

Remember this can be a recording, Tik Tok video, written blog, art piece, song or poem. You do not need to have your face in any of them if you don’t want to and please do not give any school names or details that could identify your home address in your creative work, to help protect you.

We look forward to seeing what you create.

We can’t wait to see these. Good Luck!