We are still here for you…

All our Young Carer Groups have been put on hold to keep Young Carers, Families and Staff safe from infection of Covid19, however we are still here for you…

Louise (Young Carer Support Coordinator) and Kate (Young Carer Session Worker) are offering a listening service for Young Carers and their Families if you need it. They will also be making phone calls and sending texts to all our registered Young Carers to stay in touch.

For Young Carers we are ready to listen to you, if you need someone to talk to…

Kate and the team are also putting together activity and goody bags for registered Young Carers, if you would like one please email.

Parents who have Young Carers registered with us, you can join our private Southend Carers-Young Carers Groups on Facebook for information, activity ideas, keeping up to date with what we offer and share our Young Carers Session Workers videos with young carers. (Link to Facebook Here)

Young Carers, Young Carer parents/guardians and schools, we are still here to help signpost you to relevant services in this time of need.

If you are a Young Carer or know of a Young Carer and you want to register with us, please click here.

Note to all Young Carers and their families from Louise Hart

Remember this is a time where everyone is coming together to help fight against one thing (Covid19) to help keep you and every one in our country as safe as they can. No one has all the answers but everyone has a responsibility to do what they can with the right intentions.

  • Be kind to yourself and others.

Stay indoors, follow the guidance given and make sure you are still being safe with the internet, plus use help from valid sources you know, trust or are regulated.

While you are safe from the symptoms of Covid19 why not take the time to find out what you like and get involved with trying something new. There are lots of fun ideas from Yoga, reading, challenges, art, gaming, music, singing and quizzes.

This is a moment in our history that will be remembered by all and what you chose to do in this time should be documented.

  • Something I found on line that would be nice to do is a time capsule. Here are some worksheets to download, print or take ideas from
  • Another idea is to write the things you are missing from your life before Covid19 and put them in a box/jar/pot to look at when this is all over. You can also put in all the things you wish you could do if you were not inside and what you would like to do in the future when we can start exploring the world again and make a difference.

Creating a story, poem or journal writing about your experience will be great too

  • Stay safe and keep connected


More Help

Take a look at our Corona Virus Page here for services who can help, food resources, keeping up to date with government announcements and resources for mental wellbeing.

Alternatively look on Southend Livewell Southend they also have a Southend Coronavirus Action Group helpline 01702 212497 or the Gov.uk site have a Coronavirus help line for vulnerable people registered with the NHS as high risk 0800 028 8327.

A Lockdown Challenge


Southend Young Carers would like to challenge all our Young Carers to create a blog about the life of a carer normally or the life of a carer while in isolation due to Covid19 and email them to Louise at youngcarers@southend.co.uk. The first five we receive will win a surprise gift.

It would be great to let the world know what a young carer is, what your daily life is like, what support from friends, family, school and agencies have offered. Plus any worries you may have or difficulties you face as a young carer.

You can add tips for other young carers on keeping calm, keeping active, self-care and managing your care responsibilities.

You can let everyone know about your individual interests, your hopes, dreams, achievements, who your inspirational people are and a whole lot more.

Be imaginative, be you and be brave.

If you are not ready to share your blogs or videos publicly, still email them to Louise but put a big message telling me not to share them or they can be shared anonymously.

You Choose…

Remember this can be a recording, Tik Tok video, written blog, art piece, song or poem. You do not need to have your face in any of them if you don’t want to and please do not give any school names or details that could identify your home address in your creative work, to help protect you.

We look forward to seeing what you create, we can’t wait to see these. Good Luck!