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Mental Health

If you are a Young Adult Carer and feel that you need to talk then please ring 01702 393933 or email us at

If you do not want to talk to one of us at Southend Carers then you can access the following services who will provide you with information and support on a variety of topics related to mental health and well-being.


Mental Health



    • 8 Tips for Healthy Eating – Provides information on tips for healthy eating
    • One to One support Provides a well-being service and has information and guidance on issues such as low confidence and low self-esteem, provides support for individuals of the LGBTQ community and individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their physical and or mental health.
    • Talk to Frank – Information and advice on substance misuse
    • Tips to beat insomnia – Tips on how to beat insomnia.
    • Sexual Health – Information on sexual health, including STI’s, advice, support and more.
    • Young Adults: Support and Advice – Support and advice on topics that relate to well-being, relationships, schoolwork/work stress, life issues and more.
    • Barnardo’s Covid-19 Helpline – Well-being platform for members of the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.



      Even though you are a Young Adult Carer it is still possible for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. The following links provide information for carers wanting to apply to university and the support that is available for students in College and university and even apprenticeships.


      Life Skills

      Learning life skills is an asset for every individual to help succeed at life. Listed below are some life skills that 16-25-year olds could find essential for their everyday life.




      Health Conditions

      The links below will give you access to free information and support on specific conditions which you may encounter during your caring role.

      • A-Z Mental Health manual – An A-Z manual of mental health disorders.
      • Dementia What is Dementia.
      • SCOPE – Information and guidance on individuals with Learning Disabilities.
      • Learning Disabilities – Overview of learning disabilities.
      • Autism – Information on Autism.
      • NACOA – Supports children who have been affected by parents’ alcohol misuse.
      • Narcotics Anonymous – Supports individuals suffering with substance misuse.
      • Personality Disorders – Overview of types of personality disorder, the signs, and the treatments.
      • Eating Disorders – Support for individuals and their family/friends who are suffering from eating disorders.
      • Schizophrenia Signs, symptoms and treatments of individuals who suffer from Schizophrenia.



      In getting older it is useful to understand about finances. Some links below will discuss funding, benefits, and information on how to pay your bills.


      Useful Links

      Here are some links that as 16-25-year old carers and individuals you may find useful when going through adulthood.