Carer counselling service

Being a carer is a uniquely demanding and important task. Most carers have times when they are troubled by personal or family problems. We may turn to friends and family to support us, but sometimes we need more than this. That’s when it may help to talk to a counsellor, who will listen to you and hopefully help you untangle your feelings and thoughts.  We operate a revolving door policy, as carers issues are usually ongoing, enabling them to re-access the service if they feel they need to in the future.

southend carers counselling service


Some people say counselling helps because they can talk about anything they want in a safe and non-judgemental environment. When people talk with their counsellor over time about the things that feel overwhelming, they often find that things become more manageable.



Here are some testimonials from carers that have used our service:-

Client A says: “I like the realisation that most of the carers are going through similar emotional difficulties and it helps to chat to them, normalising our situation to a degree”.

Client B says: “This is a vital service for carers as it provides neutral ground to discuss your fears and anxieties.  The sessions have helped me understand that my current feelings are linked to the past.”

Our carer counselling service offers 7 counselling sessions. This service is FREE for any carers that live in the Southend Borough or have a cared for that lives in Southend. For further details about this service click on this link.  Counselling has been beneficial to carers who have a limited support network.

We have a fortnightly group for carers who wish to talk to the other carers in confidence and share their experiences, views and ideas/tips etc.  Refreshments are offered and the group is facilitated by our qualified counsellor.  Our services are subject to regular in house Supervision and External Clinical Supervision.

Please call 01702 393933 or email if you wish to contact our Carer Counselling Service.

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