Adult Carers

If you are an adult over 18, you could be one of the 1 in 8 adults currently providing unpaid care and support to an elderly, disabled or seriously ill family member or friends.

Carers experience many different caring situations. A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who – due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction – cannot cope without their support.

To care safely and maintain their own physical and mental health and well-being, carers need information, support, respect and recognition from the professionals with whom they are in contact. Improved support for the person being cared for can make the carer’s role more manageable.

What Adult Carers could be doing?

  • giving emotional support
  • helping someone cope with a mental health problems
  • cooking and cleaning
  • personal care, like washing and going to the toilet
  • budgeting and looking after finances
  • giving medicine or providing medical care
  • interpreting for someone who is deaf or who does not have English as their first language
  • reading information and filling in forms for someone who has literacy or concentration difficulties.

We know that although rewarding, caring can sometimes leave you feeling isolated.  We run Active Carer Sessions that are held at Clarence Road Baptist Church every other Thursday between 1 and 3pm.  We also run a 2nd Wednesday Club at the same venue  which will give you a chance to try out some new activities and meet other local carers for a cuppa and a chat.

We are here to offer support to any carers that live or have a cared for that lives in the Southend Borough.  If you feel you would like to register with us please do give us a call on 01702 393933 or email us at  You can also download our Registration Form and send it back to us freepost.  Once registered with us you will receive our quarterly Newsletter which will detail future events that we are holding and any information that we feel will be helpful to our local carers.